OCTools - Tools & AdvertsPrice: 597,60 BRL

Application to send adds from your OpenCart store to your Twitter page automatically.
- OCTools automatically connects to the "opencart" store database and sends ads to your Twitter page. You can select the ads manually or let the system choose. You can send as many ads you want and you can set a period of time to send the ads.
- There are some information about the product, such as title, price, a short description, photo and link. You can add hashtags and import products from many file formats: Excel, Word, ODS, ODT, DBF, XML, HTML, XMLDoc and MS Access. Records can be exported to the following file formats: Excel, PDF, ClipBoard, Word, TXT, ODS, MS Access, CSV, ODT, RTF, DIF, HTML, SYLK, XML, Latex, DBF and SQL.